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Ontology releases its iOS client ONTO on Apple App Store



Ontology releases its iOS client ONTO on Apple App Store

Ontology (ONG/ONT), owned by Onchain, is the renowned distributed trust collaboration platform. They’ve launched their ONTO client, for Android, and is available on Play Store. Furthermore, they’ve released their ONTO client for iOS on Apple App Store.

About ONTO and Ontology

Ontology is a public high-performing multi-chain distributed smart contracts and trust platform. Onchain, which owns Ontology, also supports the company NEO. Furthermore, Ontology essentially is the part of the NEO ecosystem.

both the corporate and the government can use the layer of trust Ontology aims to provide using blockchain. By connecting all the identity sources from the government and the enterprise, they want to create a “smart economy“.

ONTO is its mobile app client. It will let users create their identity on the digital work, by linking the various identity sources operating around them.

They aim to provide distributed data exchange  and digital asset management, while operating both public and private chains. All the data, although from the private and public chain will ultimately link back to blockchain. To appease the government to put out data on the blockchain, they are developing the private chain.

The identity sources, they aim to bring on board are from the government like eID, CA, and from institutions such as schools and companies. When the user verified its identity through one of these sources, they record the source on the blockchain, and create a certificate for identity trust, put on the blockchain.

They have partnered with China Financial Ceritification Authority (CFCA), for authentication of real name for Chinese citizens. They’ve also listed CCX Credit Technology Co Ltd. and IdentityMinds Global on the app as partneres.

ONTO app will also use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to further be listed as identity sources. ONTO launched its Android Client in July 2018, and now iOS client in September 2018.

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