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Pink Care Token, the first strategic alliance by Binance as well as 47 other organization is literally redefining the entire crypto market



Pink Care Token, the first strategic alliance by Binance

One can never deny the fact that the crypto market undoubtedly witnesses enormous alliances almost every day. Unfortunately most of the time these tie-ups simply end up benefitting the partners in the alliances.

However, this fact might not be true anymore as the finance world is finally witnessing prodigious alliances that not at all focus on their own profits but rather provide imperative support to those who literally need it.

The crypto market is witnessing a somewhat similar scenario right now as Binance took the initiative and officially announced the first prodigious strategic alliance of total 47 who are all set to serve for the greater good. As per the announcement, all of the 47 companies, as well as organizations, have come together as the founding partners to introduce ‘Pink Care Token(PCAT)’.

While speaking about this incredible alliance, Changpeng Zhao, the CEO as well as Co-founder of Binance, tweeted:

Pink Care Token is the first social-impact stable coin issued on Binance Chain. A part of our mission is to promote cryptocurrency adoption, and I think charity is one of the most efficient ways to bring cryptocurrency value to more people.

Brief Glance At The Reason Behind PINK CARE TOKEN

While speaking about the gender hierarchy across the entire world, there is literally no denial in the fact that women’s mensuration periods play a major role in dragging them down. While on one hand, the wave of feminism might have empowered women to the zenith of their glory but there still resides an enormous population of women who have no awareness about this essential health issue.

Moreover, there are still women in the region of Uganda who still use cassava leaves as sanitary pads and are prone to devastating diseases.

Keeping all these factors in mind, Pink Care Token is initiated that aims to sponsor feminine hygiene products for females who underprivileged and provide them with the best possible menstrual hygiene.

One more imperative fact that must not be left unnoticed is with the involvement of major organizations as well as Binance itself, the risk of misuse of the donation is literally simplified to a whole new level.

The Motto of PCAT

With its one-dimensional goal of providing better menstrual hygiene to females, the alliance intends to empower around 1 million underprivileged women to form underdeveloped countries.

Apart from this, Binance, in fact, tends to reveal the actual value of money in the crypto market by ensuring reliable as well as transparent use of charity funds through on-chain tracking on Binance Chain.

Moreover, the most imperative priority for this token is to minimize the health hazards of unhygienic menstrual activity. Therefore rather than monetary price, one PCAT is, in fact, backed by a proper one-year supply of sanitary pads for one girl.

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