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Traders prefer Ripple over Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, says Wirex survey



Traders prefer Ripple over Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, says Wirex survey

The cryptocurrency world is pretty volatile. The prices of any cryptocurrency and the digital asset can witness an extraordinary boom and a sudden decline within days. Moreover, to better understand the preferences of their user base, the renowned cryptocurrency, and digital wallet app, Wirex conducted a poll on Twitter. Furthermore, the poll targeted on the users’ preference between different popular cryptocurrencies.

The poll stated: “We have a remarkable community in #TeamCrypto & we want your input every step of the way for the @paymentsrace! Our runner @maxmeilleur can only use crypto to get from NYC – Vegas. Which #crypto should his first purchase be in?#BTC #LTC #XRP #ETH #cryptocommunity #cryptotwitter – Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple (XRP) and Ethereum.

About the Survey

Wirex is a renowned cryptocurrency wallet provider, which can also be linked to a physical or virtual VISA Debit Card. Furthermore, the company also provides financial services such as cryptocurrency and fiat currency wallet, and payments solutions for enterprises.

The poll was conducted to address the dilemma of their participant in the Payments Race, Max Meilleur, for the Team Crypto. The question asked which cryptocurrency would be ideal for him to use, to make a trip between New York City and Las Vegas.

Closing to over 4000+ votes on the poll, over 77 percent agrees that Ripple (XRP) would be the ideal choice between the four cryptocurrencies on the poll. Bitcoin (BTC) followed Ripple (XRP) with over 12 percent votes in its favor. Furthermore, Litecoin (LTC) follows them with 7 percent votes and Ethereum (ETH) with 4 percent votes.

Wirex app operates on both mobile and desktop, providing its cryptocurrency and fiat supported hybrid wallet. Furthermore, they also provide VISA’s latest contactless debit cards to its consumers. The VISA Debit Card is usable anywhere, to pay with cryptocurrency instantly. Moreover, they are also operating a Cryptoback™ reward program to attract more users.

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