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Tron [TRX] releases the first version of its TronWallet for Android users



Tron [TRX] releases the first version of its TronWallet for Android users

Tron has released the first version of its TronWallet for the Android users. Now it is available to download from the Google Play store. Though it is not yet released on the Apple iOS store, so the iOS users have to wait until its launch.

With the help of TronWallet, you can send, receive, freeze TRX, vote for the Super Representatives, participate in token sales from your phone. This decentralized wallet is built by Getty/IO.

Some of the features of TronWallet as shared on their official medium post are-

  • No fees — Yes, that’s right, sending and receiving TRX is free.
  • Open source & Privacy — Very important, your keys are yours and PRIVATE to you only. We never hold your keys (you may check the code!)
  • Fully decentralized p2p wallet — no login, no signup
  • Push notifications — get notified immediately once transactions are processed
  • Benchmark vs. 20+ top crypto wallets — yeah, we checked other wallets to make sure Tronwallet is top-notch in features and build quality

Tron has also tweeted that “1 year ago today, I gave myself the best birthday present–launching #TRON. It’s been exactly 1 year. Looking back, it’s amazing how one simple idea took root & grew. We are now top 10 crypto, a community of 2M, bringing 100M BT users a better UX. 2018, GO #TRX! $TRX”


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