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TronChat a revolutionary social media dApp built on TRON [TRX]



Yes! You read it right. TronChat is a newly designed dApp developed on Tron and is felicitated by the TRX coin. TronChat is most probably a social networking platform that enables you to earn a wide range of TRX with lots of exciting surprises.

One can say that TronChat is a species of Instagram, Telegram, Venmo and other social media platform. Recently Tron has added many innovative features to its platform including a partnership with MUSHROOM, joined the Torrent community and now one more is added to the list ‘TronChat’.

The platform has been crowned with a title called “Share media, a chat and earns Tron”. Well, by reading the title one can conclude that it also involves some kind of rewards and exciting prizes.

While announcing TronChat the team also stated that how it is different from other social media platform, it read as:
“Social media was never built for you to make money. Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and others were built for the sole purpose of generating profits for the platforms based on your activity and personal data. TronChat was created to fix this paradigm, and allow users to create money from their everyday interaction with social media.”

The features of the newly developed dApps consist of all the components required in the social media platform including the chatting, messaging, chat-rooms, sharing media and so far. Apart from all these the application also grants an opportunity to earn TRX tokens.

The users can earn TRX tokens in many ways including the “Direct Updates” this means that whenever the screen will have some new headlines it may contain rewards for opening or completing the procedure, “Tripping”, it allows you to transfer crypto according to your wish to your selected content creator or your buddy.

You can also post pictures, videos and can even demarcate the TRX amount that will be needed to unlock your post. Well, the premium content will be kept optional meaning that the user can charge their viewers on basis of per post to subscribe your premium channel.

The sources have assured that almost 60% of the app development has been completed and soon it will be in your android and iPhones.

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