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WazirX Lists Hedera Hashgraph and Hosting a Grand Giveaway of $22,900 Worth HBAR



WazirX lits Hedera Hashgraph

WazirX, India’s largest & most trusted cryptocurrency exchange lists Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) on its platform on 12th March. Users can now buy, sell and trade HBAR in USDT and INR market on WazirX.

Hedera Hashgraph is listed on WazirX under the Rapid listing initiative where users can trade HBAR but can’t deposit and withdraw.

WazirX and Hedera Hashgraph have partnered for a grand giveaway of $22,900 worth HBAR via a host of activities. The various contests include AMA, Quizzes, Highest Trader Kaun Marathon, Trivia Contest and Airdrop.

Now, let’s first discuss Hedera Hashgraph, why it’s called “A Trust Layer Of The Internet“? After that, we will discuss the various giveaway contests.

About Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR)

Hedera is the trust layer of the internet. The Hedera network is a distributed ledger platform that resolves the factors that constrain the adoption of public DLT by the mainstream.

The project relies on Hashgraph, an asynchronous Byzantine Fault Tolerant (aBFT) algorithm, invented by CTO Dr. Leemon Baird, to achieve network consensus. One of the main features of Hedera Hashgraph as per the official website is its speed of 10,000 TPS, transaction fee ~$0.0001, and a 3-5 second finality for confirmations.

Let’s see the video of Mance Harmon, the Co-founder and CEO of Hedera explaining Hedera Hashgraph.

Hedera network services are a set of APIs that allow you to create accounts, mint and configure tokens, store hashes of files, write data to the ledger, and much more. Let’s see how Hashgraph really works.

Hedera Hashgraph was founded by Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon. Dr. Leemon Baird who currently works as Hedera’s chief scientist is credited as the investor of the hashgraph distributed consensus algorithm.

The Hedera Hashgraph has its own token, called HBAR, having total supply of 50 billion. The circulating supply is 7,533,752,493 HBAR as per the data from CoinMarketCap.

WazirX – Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) Giveaway

As already mentioned above that WazirX and Hedera have partnered for a grand giveaway worth $22,900 USD. Let’s have a look at the various contests in which users can take part and win prizes.

Giveaway Schedule

  • Friday, 12th March: AMA with Nigel Clark, SVP – Partners & Industries at Hedera Hashgraph with total prizes of $150
  • Monday, 15th March — Wednesday, 17th March: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹6,45,000 ($8,600) worth HBAR for top 140 traders.
  • Monday, 15th March: HBAR Quiz with prizes of $500.
  • Tuesday, 16th March: HBAR trivia contest on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $50.
  • Thursday, 18th March: HBAR worth $5,000 will be airdropped to top WRX holders on WazirX.
  • Monday, 22nd March — Wednesday, 24th March: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹6,45,000 ($8,600) worth HBAR for top 140 traders.

AMA with Nigel Clark

Participate in the live AMA with Nigel Clark, SVP – Partners & Industries at Hedera Hashgraph. This contest is scheduled for 12th March, 5 PM IST. Participants have to join the official WazirX discuss telegram group to participate in this contest. A total of $150 worth of HBAR will be given to the winners.

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: HBAR/INR

WazirX is running two highest Trader Kaun Marathon, the first is from Monday, 15th March, 9 AM to Wednesday, 17th March, 9 AM IST and the second one from Monday, 22nd March, 9 AM to Wednesday, 24th March, 9 AM IST.

The prizes for each marathon is ₹6,45,000 (~ $8,600 USD) worth HBAR. So, trade hard to win in this non-stop Highest Trader Kaun Marathon.

The final winners will be decided on the basis of total volume of HBAR traded in HBAR/INR market. Here is the prizes for 140 traders in each contest.

Trader RankPrizes/person (HBAR)INR worth
11 – 15938.9614,190
16 – 20512.167,740
21 – 25256.083,870
26 – 30136.582,064
31 – 3585.361,290
36 – 14042.27639


This quiz session is to show off your HBAR knowledge and win prizes. This contest is scheduled for Monday, 15th March, 6 PM IST on the official WazirX discuss Telegram channel.

To participate in this quiz join the official Telegram channel of WazirX, where a total of 10 questions will be shared. Choose the correct answers quickly to stand a chance to win.

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd – 5th place: $50 each
  • 6th – 10th place: $20 each
  • 11th – 20th place: $10 each

The reading resources useful for your reference:-

Trivia Contest

This event is scheduled for Tuesday, 16th March, 12 PM IST on the official WazirX Instagram page. A total of 5 questions will be shared on the Instagram story, choose the correct answer and win prizes.

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