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BCHABC will officially hold Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ticker symbol, BCHSV to remain split



BCHABC will officially hold Bitcoin Cash [BCH] ticker symbol, BCHSV to remain split

The results for the trending and controversial hard fork of the renowned cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Cash [BCH] are here. The controversial Bitcoin Cash [BCH] hard fork took place at 04:40 PM UTC (11:40 AM EST, 10:10 PM IST) on Thursday, November 15, 2018. Furthermore, the hard fork resulted in two separate blockchains in their hash war.

The cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash [BCH] will remain permanently split into these multiple chains. Coin Dance, a real-time analysis and information provider of the Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchain ecosystem reported this. It was in the rumors that Bitcoin Cash “Satoshi Vision” or BCHSV was coming much closer to BCHABC. It was in the announcement that BCHABC is going to hold the title of BCH and its ticker symbol.

More about the announcement

The Bitcoin Cash [BCH] blockchain split into two blockchains namely BCH ABC and BCH SV around 06:02 PM UTC. The hard fork was going to happen because both the parties didn’t agree to any chosen single protocol. It is in the announcement that BCHABC wins the ticker symbol of Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, the chains will remain “continue to be permanently split into the foreseeable future”.

All the major renowned crypto firms will support BCHABC, as it now officially holds the Bitcoin Cash ticker BCH. Furthermore, it is expected that crypto exchanges around the world including Binance, Kraken and even Bitfinex. These crypto exchanges did release statements to support their users technically as the hard fork took place.

BCHABC is leading the race with 4 blocks mined ahead, constituting a total hash rate of 54 percent, while the rival BCHSV still remain at 46 percent. The blocks mined for the split chain BCHABC, over 38.46 percent consisted of those from, whilst 25.87 percent constituted of blocks mined by Furthermore, AntPool mined over 19.85%, and some other mining pools such as the ViaBTC,, and Waterhole constituted the left out blocks.

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