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Coinbase launches Asset Pages, Bundle and Learn, all in one day



Coinbase launches Asset Pages, Bundle and Learn, all in one day

Renowned Cryptocurrency Exchange, Coinbase has launched its new updates named Asset Pages, Bundle, and Learn, all today. Furthermore, this aligns with Coinbase’s motive of creating an open financial world for everyone. These subsidiaries will help people learn, explore and understand blockchain, decentralization, and cryptocurrency even better now.

Furthermore, the announcement came from Brian Armstrong, Co-founder, and CEO of the company on Twitter. “Coinbase Asset Pages, Coinbase Bundle, and Coinbase Learn all launched today!

Just this week, the company had also announced a new way to list the digital assets in the future. The process was made extremely simple, limited to filing just an application.

About the Subsidiaries

The company aims at creating an open financial world for everyone. Furthermore, with the coming advancements in the quality of life, it is expected that everyone will start using cryptocurrencies, and technology based on blockchain in the future.

Beginners find it extremely overwhelming to start with these technologies. Thus, to ease this process, the company is bringing a series of updates to help out new users.

Bundle – It is going to be literally a bundle of 5 top most cryptocurrencies available for exchange on the platform. Buying, selling and trading of these cryptocurrencies is open. Furthermore, the price will be as little as $25.

Information Asset Pages – These pages are there to help you learn about the top 50 cryptocurrencies and digital assets by market cap, available on the platform. Some of the cryptocurrencies, are not even available for buying, selling and trading on the platform.

Learn – This is going to be the section of the website which targets the absolute beginners. These pages will help learn beginners about cryptocurrencies, the blockchain, and decentralization. Furthermore, it will also provide answers to some of the most questions related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

Furthermore, the company is helping people by educating about the technology.

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