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Gamers in the Philanthropic loop: Helping Syrian Kids through Ethereum



Gamers in the Philanthropic loop Helping Syrian Kids through Ethereum

ethereum cryptocurrencyGamers are back in the news. It was just some years ago when online gamer community was targeted for its misogynistic depiction of women characters which evolve into an online scandal called Gamergate. It was a very ugly campaign where the galvanization of gamers have proved that they were quite a force to contend with and can be tapped for political purposes if approached in a right way.

It looks like UNICEF has actually learned that lesson. It is now urging the gamers to mine crypto-coins for philanthropic purposes in order to help the Syrian children who are devastated by an incredibly complex great power struggle in the civil war ravaging their country.

The program is called ‘Gamer Changers’ and is targeting the gamers to mine the cryptocurrency instead of asking for the monetary donations in order to raise funds. These funds will then be utilized in providing daily needs of Syrian kids in refugee camps.

If anyone wants to participate in this philanthropy, UNICEF is actually providing a link on its official website. This link explains how to operate it. It involves easy steps to download its mining software called Claymore and this software mine Ethereum rather than Bitcoin. UNICEF claims that it already has 250 mining participants.

UNICEF website says, “Thanks to the solidarity of the PC gaming community, Game Changers turns graphics cards into humanitarian tools and organize the first ever blockchain fundraising by mining Ethereum for UNICEF”.

The target is very strategic on part of UNICEF as gamers have very high processing Graphic cards and thus are sitting on gold mines as far as mining cryptocurrencies are concerned. It also appeals to the better angels of all our nature. Who doesn’t want to help the helpless kids?

In addition to this fact, gamers unlike professional GPU and ASIC miners use their systems all day long to play games but when they sleep, eat or rest, their systems with high powered graphics cards can be utilized to mine Ethereum. It’s a win-win strategy for both of them.

UNICEF is betting that they will lend the awesome GPU powers for the good cause during their down times and will donate without a single monetary exchange.

The power of the gaming community is on the ascension. Their political vilification during Gamergate is a thing of past now. As Taoist monk says, “Interesting times, indeed”.

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