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Monero adds new ‘private’ feature to its crypto wallet



Monero is one of the most private altcoins.

Monero has added some new features to its crypto wallet. Monero launched its crypto wallet last month and as expected offered many interesting features. Looks like the users are in for another ride as Monero expanded on its lists of improvements today.

There are four new additions with regard to the new features. These moves are aimed at improving its standing in the crypto wallet businesses.

Firstly, the Monero has expanded on its language front and is offering its services now in 10 languages. This will enable the Monero wallet to target wider audiences in the long run and also provide access to more people.

Secondly, Monero has improved on the security front. The storage of the private keys of a crypto wallet is quite a task. Monero offers a new feature called Cold Storage. The majority of the assets (keys) would be stored in an offline cold storage. At the time of the transactions, the address will be blurred to maintain the privacy of the users. This way the transaction will be on a more secure footing.

Thirdly, Monero has improves its synchronization function. It means that the Monero wallet can be downloaded, installed and synched with a computer or laptop in a very short amount of time. It usually takes hours to sync up one’s wallet with the blockchain. But Monero has decided to allow the wallet to have synched with blockchain even before the installation itself.

Fourthly, it has also offered the instant freezing of the account feature. This proves very helpful when one has lost the devices or is working from different devices in the first place. It allows the access to one’s wallet from different sources.

Monero is 12th largest cryptocurrency in circulation by volume. Monero is considered one of the most privacy oriented altcoin. This has made it the target of the Interpol alongwith Zcash in the past. Monero was de-platformed many times for this very reason.

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