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Multiversum signs US$2 Mln partnership with Invox Finance, NEM to support platform



Multiversum signs US$2 Mln partnership with Invox Finance, NEM to support platform
Source: Unsplash

Multiversum and Invox Finance have signed an incredible investment partnership of worth US$2 million with the aim to foster synergies and bring together the innovative power of both the companies.

The official announcement further added that it has been a second investment done by Invox Finance to help in the global expansion with the use of Multiversum as a way of commercial and technical power.

Multiversum is actually a relational blockchain and database which has the potential of making an upgraded and organized data storage solution that can not only handle the single data type rather a pile of data combined in graphs of complex data structures related to one another.

The Multiversum team has many years of experience working with renowned institutions including Oracle Corporation, KBC Banks of creating incredible and complex data processing and developing a complex system.

In addition, Multiversum alliance with Hyperchain and partner with NEM enables the team to facilitate the strengths NEM decentralized ecosystem.

Albert, CEO of Multiversum stated that having an experience of being a bank manager for almost 20 years he was really amazed by the solution Invox Finance has landed to solve the issue of trust in long-running Invoice Financing. As a member of the Multiversum team, he was also thrilled to have an opportunity to work on such a big project and share his contribution.

The CEO of Invox Finance, Adam claimed that Multiversum has positioned itself as the new standard for storing data and managing same through the blockchain technology.

Storing of complex data in such an efficient manner is really a tough task and with the help of Multiversum, Invox Finance will also be able to do so in near future.

The team is even excited to bring the 500 small businesses into great platforms with Multiversum. Moreover, the sources have confirmed that Invox Finance is all set to explore the benefit of NEM for their platform.

Multiversum, on the other hand, has raised over US$20 million and now they have started to design the platform to align the roadmap with Invox Finance’s aims.

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