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TRON collaborates with JOYSO to build a hybrid decentralized exchange



TRON collaborates with JOYSO to build a hybrid decentralized exchange

The renowned blockchain-based content delivery and streaming platform, the TRON Foundation is collaborating with JOYSO, a hybrid crypto exchange platform. JOYSO is collaborating to build a hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform focused around the TRON Foundation’s native cryptocurrency digital asset token TRON [TRX].

The hybrid crypto exchange would help the TRON Foundation provide its developers with a set of tools to build their decentralized applications (dApps). This would also help improve the blockchain ecosystem in the TRON networks.

More about the collaboration of JOYSO and TRON

Justin Sun, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the TRON Foundation made the announcement on his official Twitter handle. “#TRON partners with @joyso_io, building a sustainable decentralized blockchain environment. #TRX $TRX“. JOYSO also tweeted from their own official Twitter handle. They tweeted: “? Next Destination: TRON ? Prepare for take off, JOYSO is heading to TRON soon! #JOYSOPartnership @Tronfoundation“.

Will Hseih, the Chief Technology Officer of JOYSO stated this. “TRON’s blockchain provides a conducive environment for token issuers where it is affordable and user-friendly. This will attract more users to join TRON’s ecosystem and boost its token economy. With our expertise, JOYSO is able to provide a safe and simple solution for exchanging of tokens on different blockchain hence creating a more sustainable network.”

Founded by Tom Soong, JOYSO is a hybrid decentralized blockchain-based crypto exchange and trading platform. It provides on-chain and off-chain cryptocurrencies and digital asset token transactions. All the transactions are seamless and in real time. The crypto exchange trading platform focuses on the user experience while providing security and transparency.

TRON will use the crypto exchange trading platform to create an off-chain matching crypto exchange which also provides an on-chain settlement. This would let the users of TRON transact their cryptocurrency and digital asset tokens directly from their digital wallets.

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