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TronWallet Now with Multiple Accounts and Address Book



TronWallet Now with Multiple Accounts and Address Book
Source: TronWallet

An exciting news that will brighten up your day. The official sources have finally revealed that there have been more features added to the TronWallet for the convenience of the user and these include the Multiple Accounts facility and the Address Book. Both the above-stated features will guide the users to make their trading comparatively easy from the other traditional wallets.

tronwallet official tweet

TronWallet | Source: Twitter

Multi Accounts

First lets’ get brush up with the Multi Accounts feature added in the app. The team has expressed their happiness for featuring such innovative techniques on their app. Since the introduction of the app featuring multi accounts has been their first priority on the list and finally, after a long wait, their dream comes true. Now it’s time to see the working of this new feature.

The moment you will introduce your app the first screen will automatically have a new view. The earlier features of the screen are still there but the screen has got a new name and that is ‘Accounts’ and on this page, you can take the control of your multiple accounts.

When you select the card of your choice it will be indicated on the top of the screen. The point to be noted is that at the initial stage of the launch of your app it will only indicate one card on your screen but the moment you create new accounts it will add up to the list and you can trade by swiping to that accounts with your cards.

In order to avail the benefits of that feature, first of all, make a click on the right side of the screen. This will build your new account for the present time and you can transact with the TronWallet by using your new account.

Every other time you swipe with your account by all your coins, Bandwidth, Tron Power and the all the related information will automatically get converted to indicate the features of your new account.

The way your Multiple Accounts have been created and automatically given name it also comes with more features that will allow you to save addresses of your contacts in a new page called the Address Book.

Address Book

After getting full acknowledged with the Multiple Accounts now it’s time to see the working of Address Book for smart contacts. The third option from left to right indicates the Address Book. The moment you tap it, it will guide you to two more accounts stating Contacts and Accounts. Both of them are almost similar, tapping on the contacts will allow you to manage and interact with your contacts.

In the Contacts category you will find Add Contact button with this you can add more contacts in your list. In order to add more contacts, you will have to fill up the form or you can even copy and paste it from your memory. If you want to get the details of any specific person just search his name it will display all the details.

Well, all the related features are also enshrined in that category including the delete, remove, edit and so far. A modal is there that will guide you the way in case you want to rework on the contact details.

There were many more features to add on the app but these two were the most important ones. The users have been continuously demanding for the multiple accounts feature and the address details.

The team has thanked many groups that have shown there contribution to give the app a make-over and these include, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and French.

Apart from all these, the app is also working to add more features and evaluating the loopholes in the system (if any) to rectify it soon.

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