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WazirX completed its one year and crowned as India’s youngest and fastest growing Crypto-exchange market



wazirx crypto exchange

WazirX, the previous year became not only India’s but the world’s first auto-matching peer to peer system. The company to start the “we want crypto” revolution in India has successfully completed its one year today. Nishcal Shetty, Founder, and CEO of the company gave his statement to Medium saying:-

“Namaste Tribe! What a wonderful day. We’ve completed 1 whole year of going live with WazirX, and how! The credit for this amazing, successful journey goes to you, and our team’s relentless effort to ensure every Indian can be a part of the blockchain revolution.”

Soon after the launch of WazirX, the RBI announced about the banking ban with the Crypto money and a 6 months deadline was announced too. This situation had the need to be solved else would India would surely be left behind in the Global Crypto market.

The company had the vision of innovating something that does not already exists in the market. Which led to the auto-matching peer to peer technology. In their first month of the company, they achieved 100 Crores Indian Rupees of P2P transaction. While this feat was really commendable as they achieved this in spite of the Crypto Banking ban.

The company grew at the rate of 50% every month, and soon became the most trusted and most used crypto exchange platform and app in the Indian Crypto market. Which made the vision to turn India into Crypto success.

The two main things the company focused on, to grow at such a humongous rate were:-

  1. WRX currency has been aimed to make the most valuable token in the crypto market. The company says the users to pay attention and accumulate WRX as much as possible, as they’ve said that they have some great plans for the same.
  2. 50% referral commission became a great move and became really famous among the users. According to this, whenever a user invites his/her friend, the company and user gets 50-550 commission money !!

The company having a stats of more 75,000+ installs, 2500+ 5star reviews, while efforts consisted of more than 16lakhs lines of code while 33,000+ queries being solved. And this made the company become India’s youngest crypto-exchange company, to India’s fastest growing Crypto based company.

They firmly trust that India ought to be at the front line of the blockchain transformation, and that is the reason they c; aim to have begun the #IndiaWantsCrypto crusade in November 2018. The battle has seen a huge number of perspectives and commitment from the Indian and worldwide environment and prompted mindfulness about crypto. They’re additionally cheerful that we’ll see positive crypto guidelines soon.

For the upcoming year, they have been planning that now they want to make a firm stronghold in the global international market. While, Fiat Crypto change is a worldwide issue, and individuals around the globe are confronting deferrals and issues with changing over fiat to crypto and the other way around. Waziri P2P — being unique — has the capacity of taking care of the Fiat Crypto issue for everybody on the planet.

Waziri P2P has had astonishing accomplishment up to this point in India. Did you know:

  • Over 30% of P2P exchanges on WazirX complete in less than 5 minutes
  • Our normal P2P exchange finishing time is 19.4 mins, and we’re always taking a shot at diminishing this further
  • Just 2% of WazirX P2P exchanges go into a debate and we’re always taking a shot at diminishing this further
  • There have been 0% misrepresentation cases on WazirX P2P

Making the company to grow globally, would also mean that increment of WRX value in the global Crypto market! The vast majority of the world’s creating and immature countries don’t have an extraordinary Crypto Fiat trade stage. They need to manage with neighborhood items that exploit by charging high expenses and high spread. In the event that you’re utilizing WazirX P2P, at that point we’ll understand that we have the least expensive crypto rates in India and the reason is straightforward:

They guarantee to just give the smoothest, quickest and most straightforward exchanging background on WazirX P2P. While they additionally notice that after such endeavors, your clients wrap up of crafted by guaranteeing liquidity and quick exchange execution.

Disclaimer: Koinalert’s content is only for information purpose in nature and should not be considered as investment advice. Do your own market research before investing in any cryptocurrencies. The author or publication does not hold any responsibility for your personal financial loss.