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Wix, the Website Builder adds PumaPay Cryptocurrency Payments



Wix, the Website Builder adds PumaPay Cryptocurrency Payments

The cryptocurrency world is not all about Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ethereum. There are many other ways of making payments and PumaPay is the biggest example of it.

Earlier to this year, Cyprus based blockchain industry having a decentralized vision completed the trading of PumaPay after settling the fund of almost $117 million, and thus became the seventh largest ICO as per the Crypto Compare.

PumaPay which is continuously getting popular in the cryptocurrency payment space has now got admitted to a new client Wix. It can be said that this announcement is another plus point for the ever-increasing utility of this currency. Wix, the hosting platform, and the website creator have now added PumaPay as a new mode of making payment for its clients.

The PullPayment system of PumaPay is one of the most upgraded methods which has the capacity to embrace its merchants for accepting payment in the PMA tokens of the PumaPay through Wix site.

Coming to the Wix website, it offers its clients for developing and managing the sites that let the customers mark their presence without knowing the coding process on the Internet.

Many features of the platform have already gained popularity including the click and the point protocol embracing around 110 million customers to formulate their own websites since the firm marked their presence in the year 2016.

Looking at the innovative development the CEO of PumPay, Yoav Dror stated that:
“All components of the PumaPay solution are being developed with our client’s convenience in mind. We strive to make the integration process as smooth and easy as possible. PumPay’s SDK and API are easy to integrate and very flexible, allowing the adopters to tailor the billing solution according to their unique needs.”

There is still a need for some verification to be made before completely integrating Wix and PumaPay. The major issue that needs a serious concern is the expected number of customers of Wix that will embrace PumaPay as a payment option.

PumaPay on its part is trying to develop a robust system that can smoothly and efficiently manage all the awaited transaction volume of Wix. The PullPayment Protocol of PumaPay has the tendency to manage the day-day transaction by avoiding many other issues present in traditional cryptocurrencies including the transaction fees charged and the slow speed.

So it is definitely easy for the Wix customers to trade by using PumaPay as a safe option for the innovative website.

The experts of Wix are having mixed feelings to introduce PumaPay on their website because they are just hoping that such creation will create remarkable volume and are putting their level best to impress the newcomers and the existing clients.

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Rupali Sinha is a journalist at Koinalert. She covers the latest news and updates related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.