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Apple’s Steve Wozniak, “Blockchain is Next IT Revolution”



Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak attending the We Are Developers World Congress 2018

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak again comes strongly in the favor of the Blockchain technology. He was attending the We Are Developers World Congress 2018.

Wozniak was the early supporter of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies. He joked about the Bitcoin analogy with burgers when the prices reached five thousand them fell to three thousand but then rose again.

Wozniak also invested in the bitcoin during its glorious march to $20,000 but later told that he was tired of looking at his screen all the time. Then he sold all his crypto assets and made huge profits.

During the last, We Are Developers conference in Vienna he mused that he was not interested in becoming an investor in the Bitcoin. He, however, kept one Bitcoin as a reminder.

He also claimed that Bitcoin is more valuable than both gold and United States Dollars because of its twenty-one million limits and other features.

Wozniak was adamant that this feature of limitation in quantity when compared to the fiat currency increases Bitcoin’s chances much more than even gold.

It can’t be simply printed by the centralized banks to suit their country’s economic interest. Once it all gets mined, it will become more precious with time

At the conference, he was heaping full praises and declared that blockchain is the next horizon in the information technology.

He also agreed with Jack Dorsey’s statement that Internet deserves its own cryptocurrency and it might be possible in the near future that there emerges one global cryptocurrency.

Wozniak said that his optimism regarding the blockchain is strengthened by the expansion of its use and opening up of the new economic areas.

The applications of blockchain are so numerous and so effective that its merger with the larger economic systems will yield very positive results for the global economy in the near future.

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