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Brave Ads Case Studies Shows CTR Up to 15.8%, Well Above the Industry Average of Just 2%



Brave Ads Case Studies Shows CTR Up to 15.8%, Well Above the Industry Average of Just 2%

You must be aware of the Brave Browser, which is a privacy-protecting web browser. Recently it passes the mark of 18.3 million monthly active users and 6.1 million daily active users.

Today Brave launches a new section on its website called Case Studies. This section will highlight the use cases of the various brand which have used Brave Ads to connect with the engaged customers. Brave Ads displays ads in a privacy-friendly way i.e. the ads will only be displayed to users who have opted to see it.

As per the official blog post, Brave Ads now supports in 191 countries and have till 2.4 billion ad confirmations till now. The average CTR of the Brave Ads is 9% which is well above the industry average of 2%. And the highest CTR it has is up to 15.8%.

How Brave Ads Benefits the Advertisers?

BlockFi, which is a crypto-financial services company have earned 2x more revenue per user compared to Google. After turning to Brave Ads the company sees a 12.48% CTR and also have reduced the acquisition cost by 75%.

eToro, which is a platform that enables people to invest in stocks, commodities and crypto-assets. When they tried Brave Ads the ad performance was exceptionally well with a CTR of 13.8%. Also the new eToro account registration increases by 230%.

Culprit, which is a direct-to-consumer underwear brand also tried Brave Ads and the results were unexpected. Brave Ads drove a 500% increase in sales across single purchases, bulk orders and subscriptions.

Nexo, a leading regulated financial institution for digital assets. They choose Brave Ads as it advertises to a very specific audience. The ads results show 15.8% CTR and a 20% savings in customer acquisition cost.

Till date Brave Ads there are a total of 2,039 campaigns from brands such as Verizon, Newegg, Chipotle,,, PayPal/Honey, Ledger, and Proton, in addition to earlier campaigns by Amazon, Harry’s Razors, CBS, KIND snacks, Logitech, Lenovo, Grubhub, Belkin, Quickbooks, and Evernote.

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