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Coinbase Commerce brings Crypto Payment Option to Millions of Online Merchants



Coinbase Commerce brings Crypto Payment Option to Millions of Online Merchants

Coinbase Commerce is the payment service provider of cryptocurrency that has made a pile of an announcement which will considerably help the online merchant to greet the cryptocurrencies payments. This will also include the WooCommerce plugin to give thousands of merchants an opportunity to accept the cryptocurrencies enabling them to transact bitcoin, litecoin and other related coins directly.

At present, almost 28% of online supplier utilize WooCommerce, one of the most efficient e-commerce platform. WooCommerce plugin enabled by Coinbase Commerce can easily be downloaded by using the GitHub.

As per the official announcement made on a blog post by the Coinbase Commerce it has been stated that now every WooCommerce vendors have obtained cryptocurrency payments from the users across the globe.

Moreover, the access to this will definitely help to attract more customers and vendors and ultimately help to attain our goal of making an open financial system.

As mentioned, bitcoin and litecoin can easily flow from Coinbase Commerce and the whole team is struggling hard to make ethereum and bitcoin cash to follow the same footstep. In addition, it has clarified that vendors who used to regulate with React payment button have also the choice to function with Coinbase Commerce with a React category.

Coinbase has also stated that ‘React’ payment button can be stored and installed on the website in order to make the cryptocurrency payments. The vendors can use it for either receiving the donation intending for open source project or in order to sell the tickets for related events.

Moreover, for Coinbase Commerce they have also introduced a Python library consisting of PHP, Ruby, and Node.js. The interesting part is that no fees will be incurred for the Coinbase Commerce vendors for accepting the payment and all the funds will remain in control. It is better to say that Coinbase is trying to take the market under its control or even trying to explore more as much as possible.

Apart from all these developments, their efforts are still worth nothing as they are now proposing institutional products, also granted a license of regulation from the SEC, have successfully introduced crypto index fund, last but not the least also obtained a Paradox trading exchange. All these achievements are the efforts of just three months, it is actually worth appreciating.

It is considered that this payment processing company is the most liquefied one and they are making the best effort to place the infrastructure for online vendors to embrace bitcoin and other cryptocurrency payments. At present Bitbay is considered the world’s largest bitcoin payment processor.

Well, other recognized companies include Shopify, Bitcoin Pay, Coinify, and GoCoin. Currently the bitcoin processor charge approximately 1%.

Though the competition is tough, Coinbase is also not less, it is a brand in itself and most importantly the team is putting their level best to build an ecosystem. It has already a large number of customers and is expanding rapidly. Moreover, its features are quoted as superior compared to all the other marketing options present.

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Rupali Sinha is a journalist at Koinalert. She covers the latest news and updates related to Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.