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Ethos welcomes Dash [DASH] to the Universal Wallet



Ethos welcomes Dash [DASH] to the Universal Wallet
Source: Ethos

Yes, You read it right. The tweet has reported that Ethos Universal Wallet now supports DASH. It can be said that Ethos Universal Wallet is the hub of all the recognized crypto tokens and now one more is added to the list. The users can easily transfer, send and receive various cryptocurrency assets along with DASH. This Universal Wallet now supports almost 100+ tokens along with Bitcoin and other leading tokens.

Ethos welcomes Dash to the Universal Wallet

Ethos welcomes Dash to the Universal Wallet

The interesting part is that this Universal Wallet also allows you to track your transaction with the Watchfolio tool. This SmartWallets allows you to create multiple accounts for trading purpose. With the created wallet the user can easily trade with the tokens enshrined in the SmartWallets list.

The customers have a wide number of choice for trading purpose. This digital wallet not only provides a wide variety of coins but it’s safety and authentification feature makes it more unique and versatile. The PIN or the private keys used by the customer along with the biometric data helps to keep the crypto in safe and at your control.

Generating countless accounts is not a simple task but this universal wallet allows you to create and even control your accounts. This means that maintaining assets, generating funds, private keys are all in one hand.

The token before adding to the list are minutely observed and evaluated by the group of intellectuals that makes the Ethos Universal Wallet more unique and attractive. The platform also helps to gain experience and learn more informed decisions.

The customers can rate, evaluate the technicalities of the tokens before choosing it for trading. In addition, the wallet does not charge while withdrawing or depositing the funds however the transaction fees are charged that also at a minimum rate.

Moreover, it does not have any minimum or maximum limits for depositing or withdrawing funds. Where all the tokens are gaining attention DASH is also not far behind, the token has marked its presence in the various platform as a trading tool and now it has been added to the leading Universal Wallet as well. The customers can now trade with DASH on Ethos Universal Wallet.

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