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From New York to Berlin: Next Crypto Fest Blockshow Europe is around the corner



From New York to Berlin: Next Crypto Fest Blockshow Europe is around the corner

The consensus conference in NYC is just getting over and it already seems that crypto enthusiasts can’t get enough. The show is heading to Europe now. The Blockshow Europe conference is fast approaching and is now right around the corner.

The new conference will be held in Berlin during May 28 and May 29. The event has already generated enough buzz across the crypto world. It already has almost 3000 attendees.

The pool of crypto celebrities will meet with the stars in the other walks of life to discuss the blockchain, crypto, and whatnot. The conference brags at bringing 100 most influential Blockchain experts and policy practitioners from the real world.

The list of attendees was really impressive including some real heavyweights and policymakers for European Union.

This includes Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and according to Times Magazine made to the 100 most influential peoples list.

Wales has already adopted cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of donation for the Wikipedia and is active on the crypto landscape since 2014.

The list also includes Bobby Lee who is the founder of BTCC, Rachel Wolfson who host the podcast Bad Crypto, Johanna Maska who was in the Obama administration communication head, Benny Giang who is a co-founder of Cryptokittes and Llew Classen, a board member of the Bitcoin Foundation.

The Blockshow agenda has many hot topics for discussion. Their schedules show that the top topics to be debated will include Governmental blockchain initiatives within European Union.

The other topics are the rise of Blockchain in a corporate environment, the use of blockchain for humanitarian uses and what will be the new frontiers where Blockchain applicability will yield possible solutions.

The rise in the frequency of these crypto conferences shows the enthusiasm is now breaching the mainstream popular culture. These crypto fests demonstrate that cryptocurrency and its uses are already huge industry now.

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