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Justin Sun reveals that Tron community has a huge tie with the BitTorrent



The founder and the CEO of the Tron Foundation Community revealed the main reason for the decision of the foundation to create a new token for the BitTorrent, at the time of live stream. He also unveiled some of the pros of the TRX holders and Tron Community.

He stated that all the holders of the Tron Token would be going to be allocated with some of the tokens of the BitTorrent, as revealed in the report.

He wants to reveal that the BitTorrent token, would soon going to become a “huge attraction” from the current state, BitTorrent user base, which even consist of more than ten million users. H also stated that these users would also be interested in the token system and could take some of the more steps into the community among the cryptocurrency.

 “They will get the TRX wallet, and then they will also get into the Tron Community. I know right now we have like millions of people in the Tron community, but I think this is just the start because in the future we have hundreds of millions of people have billions of people in the community. So this is just like the first 1% of them”.

According to him, BitTorrent is much more known with the current internet strategies of the user base, and vice versa BitTorrent community is already familiar with the BTT.

 “So, that’s also we cannot announce and also is in the white paper we will airdrop the BTT to the existing patrol users so they can also benefit and the stars will try BitTorrent protocol and our new features in the protocol. Also, the airdrop is not going to be the huge amount so if you really get interested in BTT […]  you’re definitely welcome to join The Binance launchpad to start you invest in the BTT token.”

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