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Russian Media, “Vinnik admitted laundering $750 million Rubles to Russian Authorities”



Russian Media, “Vinnik admitted laundering $750 million Rubles to Russian Authorities”

Alexander Vinnik has on record accepted the charges that he had laundered money for the criminals in the past.

This acceptance of the charges is different from his current charges which claimed that he had laundered almost $4 billion for the criminals through his exchange platform BTC-e.

The news surfaced in the Russian media outlets. It seems like the Russian authorities were already after him in connection with laundering money through his platform.

And in order to get them off his back, he had confessed his alleged involvement in moving the money.

The news outlets released a document in which he confessed to his criminal past. The confession was made to the Russian Prosecutor’s Office. The estimation of the damage caused is close to 750 million rubles.

The number is adjusted to its current value. This means in the past when Ruble was high, the losses were more extensive. This was caused between 2011- 2017.

Vinnik who is reportedly captured in Greece after his platform was used to launder money for the criminals. The US wanted his custody but he remained in his cell in Greece.

There were attempts at poisoning which created a kind of furor among the crypto media. This time comparatively his exploits went international as he laundered $4 billion.

It was reported earlier that Vinnik was working on an informal deal with the United States in order to secure his release. Vinnik’s lawyer went on record to clarify that his client was not in consideration of any informal deals.

He pointed fingers at the United States and said the country is in violation of international law.

The courts in Greece has already decided that the charges on Mr. Vinnik seems valid and he is to be extradited to the United States.

The decision was made last year in December. But given the media blitz, the final decision regarding the extradition rests on Justice Minister of the Greek isles.

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