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Slovenia is opening world’s first Crypto Shopping Mall



Eastern Europe is leading on Blockchain Startups.

Eastern Europe is already at the forefront of the crypto and Blockchain innovation. They were among the first to back the Blockchain projects. Ukrainians wants to create Satoshi Statue, Czechs want the crypto ATMs at their metro stops and Lithuania is beating everyone else when it comes to granting favorable policies to crypto startups.

Slovenians are already bandwagoning with their neighbors. They have already introduced one of the most favorable crypto regulatory framework for the investors. Now they are moving a step further to boost the applicability of crypto.

The reports have surfaced which suggest that Slovenians are planning to open a shopping mall based on crypto payments. The name of the complex is BTC City Ljubljana. It is situated in the Slovenian capital.

The initiative is planning to allow 150 people to use cryptocurrencies at almost twenty four business venues. All these are situated is nearby locations. They have according to some reports 500 store fronts.  They offer services from clothing, electronics to fancy foods.

The name suggest a relationship with BTC coins but the front is operating from 1950s and was recently rechristened as Blagovno Transportini Center i.e. BTC Ljubljana.  There were similar projects trying to made headway in Slovenia from quite some time.

One of the more illustrious one was developed by startup called Eligma.Eligma offered a payment system called Elipay. Elipay also facilitated transactions in cryptocurrency through a mobile app.

This effort is something quite unique. It is planning to fuse the cryptocurrency application with day to day marketing by common populace. With the power of almost 500 storefronts behind it, it is poised to become one of the world’s first retail crypto hub.

The Slovenians are very enthusiastic about the establishment of this Bitcoin city. The proposal was suggested by Prime Minister Miro Cerar. The secretary of the state already has visited the shopping center. PM also bought a coffee there and paid in cryptocurrencies. The political establishment of Slovenia is backing this initiative in full force.

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