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best cryptocurrency news aggregator

If you are crypto enthusiast then you might have been following different news sources to get the latest updates about the happenings in the crypto world. You might be following various news sources to get the latest news and for this either you might be searching the web.

Now, what happens if you want to get the latest news related to 2-3 cryptocurrency, then you might have to open 7-10 various websites which are time-consuming. Now what if you get all that news in one place, yes you heard it right I am talking about cryptocurrency news aggregator websites.

Let’s have a look at the best cryptocurrency news aggregator available today.

1. Cryptocontrol


CryptoControl is a news aggregator that allows you to track news from multiple different coins in one place. You can easily track news from mainstream sources, crypto news sources and social media. Its crypto news API is being used by many crypto related Apps.

2. CryptoDigest


CryptoDigest is a global news, events, and information services portal which publishes concise business and finance oriented news about crypto assets and blockchain technology. CryptoDigest’s all-around cryptocurrency coverage presents traders, professionals, and enthusiasts with valuable insights into prices, market influencing signals, and relevant news as fast as they happen.

3. CoinNA

CoinNA (Coin News Aggregator) aims to bring the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain related news headlines from various sources to one place. is owned and operated by Flora ICT B.V.

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