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Viamericas joins the list of financial institutions using Ripple [XRP] xRapid



Viamericas joins the list of financial institutions using Ripple [XRP] xRapid

Ripple has been growing exponentially after their successful annual conference, Swell by Ripple 2018. Furthermore, they have released a brochure detailing customers about how RippleNet works with xRapid to facilitate instant cross-border transactions. Moreover, Viamericas, a global money transmitter is among the companies that make use of Ripple’x xRapid to provide international money transfer.

Ripple’s motive has been to provide “one frictionless experience to send money globally”. Viamericas becomes the fourth financial institution to adopt Ripple (XRP) product xRapid. It enables them to conduct overseas transactions instantly and securely through Ripple’s blockchain ecosystem.

More about RippleNet and Viamericas joining xRapid

Ripple wants to create a global platform to exchange money between financial institutions to small and medium-sized enterprises. Ripple has been pretty bold about their motive of building an Internet of Value. Furthermore, it was the hot topic of the annual conference, Swell by Rippe 2018, held at San Fransisco.

Ripple understands the need of users and customers wanting a global system of payment transfer. Furthermore, this should be without the hassle of the transaction being insecure, opaque and slow, accompanied by a hefty fee.

The payment services provider company uses the decentralized structure of the blockchain technology to solve this problem. As a result, they created RippleNet, to let enterprises have the experience of secure, transparent and instant money transfer. This comes with their industry grade product, xRapid.

Viamericas chose the product to transfer value and funds across the globe with all the features promised by Ripple. The brochure speaks in detail about this. “Employing Ripple’s solutions and a standardized ruleset allow for those connected on RippleNet to efficiently send and receive payments around the world.”

The money transmitter firm has publicly stated about being intrigued by the products and features offered by RippleNet. Ripple (XRP) has been witnessing an increase in its price, as financial institutions collaborate with it, to create their Internet of Value.

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