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With Taringa, Facebook’s Rival, joining the Crypto-Community, the market might get even more competitive



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Since there is no deny in the fact that Facebook’s Crypto Project , i.e., has already been witnessing enormous hurdles on the path to its launch.

However, situation seems to be only complicated for Facebook as it moves forward with its project. After facing the major challenge of effective investors, it got entangled around the legislators. But now it has to witness even more competitive scenarios as Taringa, which might be seen as Facebook’s rival, is now planning a launch of a new crypto-centered community. As it can clearly be seen, Taringa is undoubtedly planning to reintroduce itself, after 15 years, to the world.

In Case You Don’t Know About Taringa

Since its launching in 2004, Taringa! Placed itself as one of the most common websites for action between netizens, growing into one of the first Spanish-speaking network 2.0 websites in this globe — yet before Facebook and Twitter popularized this term.

Moreover, in 2013 and 2014 comScore ranked it as the third most significant cultural system in South America and Argentina’s figure 2.

This structure used the method to define the reputation of each individual, awarding points for the quality and interactions generated by each job. Later, the person would tell those points to others as a reward for their contributions, and while these points had no different intention than to change the notoriety – and ego – of the contributors, The people took this organization very seriously.

Taringa Entering the Crypto Market

The official announcement was made public this week during the Blockchain Summit Latam, which was held in Mexico City.

The announcement also laid a special emphasis on the fact that decentralized technologies were the one that were actually going to play the imperative role in the market, very soon. It said:

“Taringa! Pioneros is the pilot program towards the path of decentralizing Taringa! from Taringa! ‘portal’ to Taringa! ‘network’. Make the transition from an online community —a traditional model with a single site company— to a decentralized platform where content can appear on different channels.”

It might be seen as a great piece of news from South America’s most common cultural networks Taringa! – it can make paying content creators at bitcoin.

Taringa! Owns no not as much as 75 million users a month (including 27 million registered people) and you will be convinced that roughly 200,000 on-line visitors are surfing it in the very moment.

Taringa! Co-founder Hernan Botbol acknowledges that they came to such a conclusion because of tough economic conditions in South America. Active users who deal posts are to make the portion of ad revenue but Mr.Botbol underlines that unfortunately very much it is just impractical to deliver earned monies to people because of the retarded financial system of South America.

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