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Brave Rewards now live in latest Android Version, 100,000 BAT Grants for users



Brave Rewards now live in latest Android Version, 100,000 BAT Grants for users

Brave Browser is gaining popularity these days. Many content creators are joining the Brave Rewards program to get free BAT from their users as a tip. Recently revealed how many BAT they got from their users in their tip jar.

Brave Rewards is now available in the Android version (1.0.91). Previously it was available for beta testing for the users who opted. In order to download the Brave for Android please visit the Google Play Store.

Users who wish to participate in this reward program can simply activate the Brave Reward from the BAT logo in the URL bar. After creating a wallet you will be a part of the Brave Rewards.

Brave will be allocating 100,000 BAT for the android users who accepts the Brave Rewards. Each BAT grants will be equivalent to $5 approximately. This grant can be used by the user to reward their favorite content creators.

At present, there are 50,000 verified creators in the Brave Publisher program who are ready to get a tip from their users. Koinalert is also a verified Brave publisher, you too can also tip us. Just open Koinalert in Brave Browser and click on the Brave logo in the URL bar and send the tip amount that you want.

Send a tip to Koinalert
Send a tip to Koinalert

According to official blog post Brave will soon enable Brave Ads. The users who will opt to see ads will earn BAT as a reward and that can be used for rewarding their favourite content creators or later exchange for real-world rewards.

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