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Ethereum Receives a Huge Support for the Upcoming Constantinople Hard Fork



The Constantinople of Ethereum hard folk which is as of now estimated to launch between the time period of 14 of Jan to 18th of Jan has now found to be with tremendous support from some of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of Huoibi and OKEx Global.

The hard folk of Constantinople is also under an improvement, which is as of now believed to fundamentally change the blockchain power of Etehreum, with some of the synchronous updates to the entire system.

The hard folk also helps to separate the Ethereum Improvement Proposals to alleviate the evolution from the Proof of work to the more energy proficient proof of stake algorithm.

OKEx will soon also take the snapshot of all the OKEx accounts at the height of around 7080000; this is the number at which the Ethereum developers as of now agreed on the hard fork in the commencement.

Apart from just that, lots of crypto exchanges are as of now also calling the traders to deposit the Ethereum tokens into the exchange as it will help them to manage all the technology for the hard folk.

Huobi will also be going to come up for the support at the block height of the 7080000 and has also given some of the guidance its clients to deposit their ETH to the Huobi Global in just order to manage with any of the technical queries which is much more related to the hard fork.

ETH was as of now merely designed as a platform for the crypto exchange decentralized applications. Vitalik Buterin Vision is the basic goal of the Ethereum foundation. In addition to it, the vision is also to move from the PoW to a PoS protocol, which will help to address the problems pertaining to the mining and scalability.

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