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Nevada uses Ethereum Blockchain to issue Marriage certificates



In Nevada, there are some of the countries which are working on the latest blockchain technology in the government official work to store and save the records like the marriage and birth certificates.

The report which has been revealed has now issued around 950 secure digital certificates which is saved on the blockchain technology. The first certificate based on the blockchain technology was released in the April 2018.

The marriage certificate is stored on the cryptocurrency Ethereum blockchain tech as it is so difficult and hard to hack it. The company which is issuing these certificates is the San Francisco based Titan Seal.

With the help of this latest tech initiatives, anyone who now gets married in the entire country will get their digital certificate.

The report also revealed that the Elko country is also working on making the certified digital certificate based on the blockchain technology.

As nowadays the regular marriage certificates take around 7-10 business days, while on the other hand, this digital technology certificate takes less 24 hours and is easy and secure to get.

The report also revealed that the certificates are the proof of marriages and the latest blockchain based certificates are going to be available with the help of a Recorder office of the Washoe Country. Moreover, the license for the wedding are different and can be obtained in the person from the County Clerk office.

As of now, Nevada was the first country to use the blockchain transactions from any type f the tax obligations. Now, more states will be going to adopt this technology for the future.

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