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Cryptocurrency News fuse 3D printing with cryptocurrencies via 3dP-Token



3dP-Token is fusing 3D printing with cryptocurrencies.

The fusion of cryptocurrencies with other technologies have the potential to generate new dynamics for global economy. is the company which is trying to combine both.

Their white paper state that the aim is to create a new market altogether for mass consumption. The company wants to make the 3D printing technology accessible to everyone without much costs.

The company states that it is much easier to order 3D printed products in three steps. These are as follows.

  1. Once the customer decided for the ideal printing process on our platform, the required file can be designed by to the customer’s wishes or a self-designed file can be uploaded.
  2. After registration and payment in € or Cryptocurrency, the order process is completed.
  3. The ordered object will be printed and afterwards immediately made ready for shipping.

The white paper of the company identifies the additive manufacturing process as the target along with cryptocurrencies. They both have the potential to change the future of the world as both are future oriented technologies largely untapped.

In order to fuse these two, the company is planning to open a 3D printing farm in Czech Republic.

We have already reported the positive policies of the Czech authorities with regard to crypto businesses. The company pointed that the infrastructure and regulatory framework developed in Czech Republic was a major reason for the choice of location. Eastern Europe has trumped other regions because of its positive attitude.

The application aspect of the project is very detailed. It can be applied across aviation industry, medicine, Bio-printing, Dentistry, Automobile industry, Arts and fashion along with environmental protection.

The company is launching its Initial Coin offering to finance its platform. It claims that every investor is directly involved in the profits generated by The 3dP- Token can be traded on other exchanges, converted into other coins or payments will be made on the platform via 3dP-Token only.

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