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Brave browser to enable in-browser social media tipping using BAT token



Brave browser to enable in-browser social media tipping using BAT token

Brave Browser, a relatively new web browser in the market of browsers, yet filled with lots of eye-catching features is making the news. After integration with TRON Foundation’s web browser-based decentralized app tool TronLink, and disabling ads on sites, it is adding another feature. Brave is going to enable tipping to individual users on renowned social networking web platforms like Reddit and Twitter.

The web browser is going to make use of its native BAT crypto token to achieve it. The web browser has focused on privacy and security in its releases. Native ad blocking is also one of the popular features of the browser. Furthermore, this functionality will be available to users inside the browser and will let users make micro-transactions.

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Brave is making news since its release. It’s privacy friendly and security-focused design has been attracting users. Furthermore, the web browser doesn’t store any history or browsing data. Moreover, it blocks any phishing site or malware infected sites by default. To further enable privacy friendliness in its design, it disables identity tracking and site-to-site tracking.

Bravo lets its users earn Bravo Rewards, which is paid in Brave’s native cryptocurrency token, dubbed the Basic Attention Token (BAT). This is the revenue model of the web browser. Brave will make use of the anonymous blockchain technology to enable this ambitious service/feature.

Based on their attention, Brave lets the user make micro-payments to websites. These payments are generally small and automated. Using a similar model to pay social media influencers, would be a great start to something new. The service would let users pay by choosing an amount to pay, all in the browser itself.

Renowned publishers like The Guardian and The Washington Post have already registered for the program as its popularity grows in the YouTube and Twitch Streaming field. Most noteworthy, over 10,000 creative content producers have registered for the program.

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