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Koinex Added More Security Feature for Its Users



Nowadays security being a significant issue in the world of the modern era, for the same Koinex has added a new additional security feature to the Koinex account, with better protection and functionalities.

10-min Protection Mode

The Koinex will now be going to have protection mode, which means that the account will get automatically activates for the time period of 10 minutes after signing in. At the time of placing any of the withdrawal requests for the tokens in your koinex wallet, a user needs to wait for at least ten minutes after signing in. If by chance, a user account is hacked or compromised and there is any the unauthorized attempting of withdrawal during the first 10 minutes then the system will pop out a pre-defined error.

Email confirmation for withdrawals

Now the Koinex have put one more additional security feature, that is email verification for the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies. Now with the help of this new feature, a user will get an email on their registered email id with a private secure link to verify the request of cryptocurrency withdrawal from their accounts. Till the time, an email verification will not be confirmed, it will keep showing an error ‘Awaiting confirmation’ under the withdrawal history.

Lock My Account

At the time of signing into the Koinex account, a user will get an email about the recent activity on their account as a notification. And that email notification will also be going to have a ‘Lock My Account’ link. In case if there is any type of fraudulent activity, then a user will be able to lock their account with the help of just one click.

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